Online gaming is evolving, and so must your network. Whether you need to improve your KDR (Kill to Death Ratio) on your new Xbox ONE or PS4, or need a steady Wi-Fi connection everywhere in your house for a multiplayer smartphone app, HomePlug® technologies have you covered.

Maintaining a reliable connection for online gaming can be a challenge, especially when you venture into a room far from your internet/Wi-Fi router. For Ethernet-capable game consoles, running long cables is an option, but this is difficult, expensive and often unsightly. Connecting wirelessly to a Wi-Fi router is common, but performance degrades the further you get from the router, and wireless bandwidth is shared with every other wireless device on your network.  


HomePlug technologies let you use the electrical wiring already in your home as an Ethernet extension, so you get a high-speed wired connection without running new wires. For mobile gaming, consider a HomePlug™ product with Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Range Extender) to use your electrical wiring to extend Wi-Fi coverage. Simply connect one adapter to your router, and the other wherever you want to start gaming.